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the project

Designed by Christos Passas, the project is a formal investigation of a mixed-use brief taking a monolithic form, exploring a motif of interrelated openings that form a unified composition. The building appears more like a sculpture and less than a conventional building.

The cube is deformed in three of its corners: On the roof, the top plane is “pushed down” as if by invisible force-fields, while at its base the surface lifts itself up to liberate the ground allowing the floor space to belong both to the inside and the outside in a Boolean-like operation. This allows for the nesting of an exhibition-like space that can be used either as a show room or for commercial activities.

The cladding is of polished stainless steel and silver coated glass.
The building features a generous entrance lobby on the ground floor and the retail showroom. The first two levels are for offices and the last two are designed as luxury apartments. The last level has access to the roof Jacuzzi.